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A Look At Microdermabrasion Machines

Microdermabrasion systems are safe for most all skin types. Microdermabrasion systems actually evolved from a process known as dermabrasion. Though effective, especially for serious dermis scarring, dermabrasion is harsh, requiring a metallic re-surfacing tool, anesthesia, and long recovery times. Microdermabrasion systems, however, gently smooth signs of aging, sun damage, and scarring with micro-crystal creams. The beauty of micro-crystal creams is how powerfully they polish the skin, but remains gentle and forgiving.

A special cleansing device circulates a cream, infused with tiny exfoliating crystals (aluminum oxide), directly onto the skin. These micro-crystals deep clean the skin’s outer-most layer of dead skin cells and other debris, while the re-surfacing wand massages the upper-most surface tissue, clears pores, and jumpstarts circulation. In turn, creating a fresh skin surface that diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, lines, spots, blemishes, uneven skin surfaces, and scarring caused by acne, childbirth, weight gain, aging, sun damage, or genetics.

The process is not painful but more like a deep cleansing tissue massage. The re-surfacing tool has various strength levels and is easy to control. Most licensed estheticians and cosmetologists, RNs, or doctors perform professional microdermabrasion services using a closed-loop vacuum system, to include a waste catching canister. Professional operators of microdermabrasion systems are required to be trained. Home systems are also available, and usually provide training manuals.

Microdermabrasion equipment is adjustable and easily tailored to your specific beauty needs.Most systems include the following basic components: hand-held resurfacing tool that applies exfoliating solutions, specially formulated creams infused with exfoliating micro-crystals (aluminum oxide), and various foam attachments designed for polishing all skin surfaces.

Most major cosmetic manufacturers sell microdermabrason equipment, many are conveniently available online. Simply conduct a search for “microdermabrasion systems.” Professional level microdermabrasion equipment is also available on the web, targeting salons, cosmetic surgeons, and entrepreneurs. The professional equipment is similar to many home systems in that they both use a buffing wand that applies micro-crystals. The primary differences between the two is that professional microdermabrasion equipment offers a re-surfacing device that simultaneously vacuums or sweeps the debris clear and increases tissue stimulation, while having more power and durability due to repeated use and varied clientele needs.

Microdermabrasion equipment ranges from inexpensive do-it-yourself lotion packages to medical and salon machines costing several thousands of dollars. This technology empowers you to experience serious skin improvements from home, at the salon, or in your dermatologist’s office without the inconvenience and risks involved with surgery, lasers, and chemicals.

What is Frequency Specific Microcurrent?

FSM is used to treat nerve and muscle pain and many other conditions using specific frequencies and micro amperage current. There are hundreds of practitioners in the US, Australia and Canada using FSM to create remarkable changes in patients to reduce pain and improve health. Most of the time FSM produces immediate dramatic changes in tissue that make it an indispensable tool in treating pain and many other health concerns.

For example, there is one frequency that is only useful for shingles and herpes. In the shingles prodrome it eliminates the pain and prevents the blisters from breaking out. In herpes outbreaks it eliminates the pain and heals the blisters in hours with only a one hour treatment. This frequency combination is only good for this purpose and is not useful for anything else. We have not found anyone it does not work on or any other condition for which it is useful. In a blind animal study the frequency to reduce inflammation succeeded more effectively than any drug ever tested in this animal model. No other frequency reduced inflammation at all. The frequency specific effect is remarkable and reproducible.

Micro current is current in millionths of an ampere. An ampere is a measure of the movement of electrons past a point. Microamperage current is the same kind of current your body produces on its own within each cell. This is current in millionths of an amp. It is very small; there is not enough current to stimulate sensory nerves so the current flow cannot be felt but can be monitored using the conductance meter on the machine.

The History of FSM

Microcurrent was first used in the 1980s by physicians in Europe and the US for stimulating acupuncture points, stimulating healing in injured athletes and stimulating bone repair in non-union fractures.

Who is Dr. Carolyn McMakin?

Dr. McMakin developed protocols for the treatment of myofascial pain in 1996 and presented her clinical data at the American Back Society national meeting in December 1997. She published a paper on the “Treatment of chronic resistant myofascial pain in the head neck and face.” in 1998 in Topics in Clinical Chiropractic. Dr. McMakin began teaching FSM in 1997 to see if the effects of FSM were reproducible. By June of 1997 it was clear that the effects were reproducible in the differential diagnosis of pain generators and neurologic conditions.

Originally developed in the early 1900s, Microcurrent was introduced as a battery operated therapy modality in the 1980s and Microcurrent devices deliver frequencies and current in millionths of an amp and have been shown in published studies to increase energy production in cells by 500%.

Frequency protocol development began in 1995 and Dr. McMakin began teaching FSM in 1997. Since then hundreds of practitioners around the world have taken the studied FSM and use this amazing technique to help patients recover from myofascial pain, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, concussion and many other health concerns.

Protocols for treating neuropathic pain were developed by Dr. McMakin in 1998. In 1999 she then developed a protocol for treating the full body pain from fibromyalgia caused by neck injuries. The paper was published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement therapies in July of 2005.

It documents unheard of changes in inflammatory cytokines and neuropeptides with the use of a specific frequency protocol and microcurrent application.

Dr. McMakin has spoken at fibromyalgia conferences and medical and complementary medical meetings around the US, Europe and Australia. She presented the cervical trauma fibromyalgia treatment data at the National Institutes of Health.

About Botox

Botulinum toxin type A – specifically caused by bacteria and can affect your nerves and muscles.  This is what Botox is and it is applied as an injection into the facial tissue.

Uses for Botox

Successful uses include spasm treatment, lazy eye treatment, and severe underarm sweats as well as many others. Today, many are electing to use Botox for the temporary reduction of wrinkles.

Why consider Botox?

Thousands of people a day consider Botox for diminishing lines and wrinkles that develop as we age.  Botox treatments do involve some risks, though thousands a day decide that the risks involved are worth it.

What are  Botox Risks and Complications?

Botox injections can cause the eyelids to drop if the injection site is too close to the eyelid.  It may take a little as a couple of days for this to correct itself but it can also take months.  Some patients have been known to develop allergic reactions to these injections as well.  Women who are nursing or pregnant are strongly urged to avoid Botox treatments.

Alternative Facial Treatments

With the potential side effects of Botox, more people are electing a home photo light system.  Fortunately, these systems are safe, cost effective and help fight fine lines and wrinkles.  Additionally, they may also help with the discolorations that many of us suffer as we age.

How Photo Light Machines Work

Because our bodies need collagen to help keep our skin healthy and vital looking, a photo light machine is designed to stimulate our bodies’ natural supply.    Stimulating collagen development in our own bodies not only helps diminish the fine lines and wrinkles associated with depleted levels of collagen, but the light can also alter the melanin in our ski.  These non-invasive treatments are cost effective, can be used at home and when used according to manufacturers directions, they have no lasting side effects.

Causes of Age Spots

We have all seen them. Those unsightly little flat spot that is gray, brown or even black.  They appear as if by magic seemingly overnight.  They are on our face, our hands or even our shoulders and arms.  What we do not always know is what they are, how they got there or if there is something we can do about them.


Age spots are almost universally caused by exposure to the sun.  Because the sun stimulates melanin production, high concentrations of melanin can stick together and therefore form an age spot. Unlike what you think, this definitely does not happen overnight; instead it happens over a period of time.  Use of tanning beds and even tanning lamps can also cause age spots and for some, genetics are to blame.

Age Spot Treatments

There are a number of options when you are worried about age spots.  Most people have them treated not because they require it but instead because of cosmetic reasons. Some treatment options include freezing, dermabrasion, chemical peels and medications. Each has their own drawbacks, side affects, and most are costly.

Most Effective Treatment

One of the easiest ways to treat age spots is with laser therapy.  The reason is that it is not invasive, and it destroys melanin without chemical interference.  Fortunately, instead of doing these expensive treatments at home, you can purchase a home unit that will allow you to treat them yourself for a fraction of the cost.

The at home laser therapy units are portable, cost effective and ready to use whenever you need them.  No longer will you have to deal with scheduling time for doctor’s visits or taking time off work because your skin is red and raw from a chemical peel.

When used properly, at home laser therapy units are safe, cost effective and can help minimize the signs of age spots on your face, hands and arms.  You owe it to yourself to find out more.

What is Collagen?

What is Collagen?

Your muscles, skin, organs and teeth – all of them depend on collagen to stay connected and supportive. More than 25 varieties of collagen are produced naturally in our systems. Without collagen, our bodies simply would not stay together!

How does Collagen Work?

Consider a jigsaw puzzle and how all of the pieces fit neatly together. Collagen works with the elastin in your body to give our muscles and tendons a stronger foundation. Without collagen, you might have a hard time walking, running and even bending to sit down.

Collagen and your skin

One way that collagen has an impact on us is to help keep our skin resilient. As we age, like other hormones in our body, we do not quite produce as much collagen as we need. This results in fine lines, deep wrinkles and other skin flaws that are associated with aging.

Fortunately, home photo facial machines can help stimulate your body to tap into those hidden collagen reserves that can provide the added benefit of fighting the usual signs of aging that affect our skin.

Collagen and your joints

Another problem with loss of collagen is developing arthritis. In some people, collagen levels drop so low that not only does arthritis cause discomfort and pain but it may also cause our joints to become disfigured.

Fighting Back

Fortunately, there are ways to fight not only the signs of aging on your skin, but the early signs of arthritis as well. A home photo facial machine, when used according to the manufacturers’ instructions may help stimulate collagen reserves in our bodies.

When used on the face, a photo facial machine can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, help with minor discolorations of the skin and even help eliminate those fine lines that we all develop. An added benefit of a photo facial machine is that if used properly it can also help ease minor discomfort from arthritis.

Photo facial machines are not only safe, but they are very easy to use. These cost effective systems can not only provide you with a more youthful appearing complexion but also relieve some of the minor pains that are commonly associated with arthritis. All of this is done by stimulating the naturally occurring collagen in your own body.

Laser skin treatment options

If you have brown spots that are caused by aging, dark under-eye circles from a lack of sleep or even problems with acne, chances are you are looking for an inexpensive solution to these skin problems.  Fortunately, instead of expensive treatments performed in a doctors’ office, you now have the opportunity to deal with all of these issues in the privacy of your home when you have time to do it!

All of us have discovered that the effects of the sun and wind have damaged our skin. Whether it is uneven color spots, or other things that have caused our skin to not look so young and vital, we want to regain that youthful appearance that exuded a healthy glow.

Today, we can fight the normal signs of aging, the age spots that are often caused by medications or other minor skin markings by using home laser light therapy systems.

You might be wondering if there are other options besides laser therapy. There are many, however most of them will not be as effective as a laser light machine.  Some of them may even cause an allergic reaction.  Unfortunately some also leave your skin dryer than when you began treatments.  Let us look at some of them:

While bleaching creams are readily available over the counter and may help fade the color of age spots, they contain very harsh chemicals. Couple that with an increased sensitivity to the sun and you may want to reconsider a bleaching cream.

Prescription and over the counter fading creams work slowly. Additionally, they are also full of harsh chemicals and require repeated treatments to be effective.  It is likely you do not want to spend every day putting harsh chemicals on your face, hands and arms.

Some medicated creams are effective in reducing the signs of aging in your hands.  The problem with these creams is that not only are they not cost effective but they must be used daily over many months before you get the benefits of using them.

If you do not mind your skin being pink for a few months, then chemical peels might help you remove age spots.  Remember though that this acid solution is very harsh on delicate tissue and may even result in chemical burns.

If you are searching for a safe, inexpensive and at home method of fighting the signs of aging, you should consider a home light laser therapy system.  If you follow the manufacturers’ instructions, they are very safe.  In addition, these systems are very cost effective and can help save you hundreds of dollars a year while helping you maintain that healthy, youthful appearance that we all want.

Best wrinkle treatment

Are you fixated with your age? Beginning to see those fine lines and wrinkles? Wondering what you can do about them?  Remember, there is no such thing as an anti-wrinkle treatment! However, you can do something to help diminish the appearance of your wrinkles today.

You could spend hundreds of dollars on expensive creams, fillers or lotions.  However, you are looking for something that provides a more permanent solution. In fact, you might have considered a face-lift, dermabrasion or even a botox injection.  The problem is that these might temporarily reduce the signs of aging but you should understand how difficult each of them is before making that decision.

Face-lifts usually require not only a stay in the hospital but involve lengthy recovery times.  Not to mention since they are not covered by insurance, they are very expensive.

Removal of dead skin from your face through dermabrasion helps reduce the lines in your face, but the fact is that they use harsh chemicals, they do not do anything to improve the health of your skin and over time, the lines will reappear and you will have to have the procedure repeated.

Botox is a toxin that causes the muscles in your face to relax.  Unfortunately, this expensive and painful procedure has to be repeated time and time again to maintain the smooth look that it produces.

If you are interested in a cost effective, long lasting solution to reducing wrinkles, then laser therapy is the solution that you are looking for. With light therapy equipment that can easily be used in your home, you will get all of the benefits of expensive treatments in a doctors’ office without spending the hundreds of dollars that might be required for each treatment.

Fortunately, all of these systems come with extensive manufacturers instructions and they not only revitalize your skin but they can help you maintain that youthful, healthy glow that amplifies the natural beauty of your skin.  For long-term results, a photo facial machine is the right investment at the right time!

Hormones and your dry skin

Aging is not any fun and just when you thought it could not get any worse, you have noticed that your skin is suffering terribly! It is looking dryer by the day and to top it off, you now have these tiny lines that are all over the place. To make matters worse, you now have these slight discolorations to deal with.

If you are one of the millions of women who are not only dealing with this, but you are also suffering from dry and itching skin then a photo facial machine might be the answer you are looking for. That discomfort you feel from your dry as sandpaper facial hair could be helped by regular facial treatments. Since we are all concerned about cost, one of the great things about the home systems is that the average unit costs only about the same as two visits to a doctor for the same level of care!

Just think – with a home photo facial machine you get to treat yourself to a soothing and relaxing facial that helps you nurture your body’s natural collagen reserves. This helps your skin stay soft and moisturized looking and therefore it looks more firm and more youthful. Just think of all of the time you will save not slathering creams and lotions all over your face morning, noon and night just to keep a youthful appearance!

Another great benefit of a home photo facial system is that it can even help minimize age spots, spider veins and more by lightening them up! So, maybe we cannot help you with the hot flashes but we can certainly help you with a more beautiful and healthier looking complexion!

Skin Care

Most of us are concerned with the quality of the products we use on our skin. Today, more and more skin care products have compounds and chemicals in them that we cannot even pronounce let alone figure out what they do. For many, the answer is very simple. Investing in a home photo facial system.

Home photo facial systems are simple to use and when they are used in accordance with the manufacturers directions not only are they effective, but they are as safe to use as soap. The best part of a home photo facial system is you never have to worry that your skin care treatment is loaded with chemicals that you have no idea how they will leave your skin feeling (or looking).

Home photo facial systems are specifically designed to help your skin look firmer and to help eradicate those fine lines that we all get from simply living. In addition, low levels of light can even help fade minor discolorations from sun, rosacea and freckles.

The best think about home photo facial systems is you do not have to have any special training to use them; you simply need to follow the plainly written directions that accompany every one of them!

Are You a Good Candidate?

You might be wondering if you are the right person for an at home photo facial system. It is not very difficult to determine if you are one of the millions who could benefit from this type of a system.
Deciding if they are right for you is simple. Answer these simple questions:

• Do you suffer from acne?
• Have you noticed fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes?
• Have you developed lines and wrinkles around your mouth?
• Does your skin look dull?
• Do you have minor scars or blemishes on your skin?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you may be a perfect candidate for a photo facial system to use at home. Photo Facial systems help your body produce natural collagen, which can help with regenerating your skin cells. Rebuilding skin cells means that you too can have strong, healthy skin, regardless of your age!

While there are thousands of over the counter products that offer you a clear and healthy complexion, only photo facial systems are affordable and offer not only normal cell rebuilding, but can help you keep acne under control, reduce dark age spots and freckles and offer you a healthy, more youthful glow without painful procedures.

Remember, microdermabrasion and chemical peels are offered for hundreds of dollars a session and only promise to help with specific problems. Both of them can leave your skin red and irritated for hours and even days after treatment.

With photo facial equipment right in your home, you can give yourself a treatment that promises you will be right back on schedule within minutes of completing your treatment! In addition, you can get all the benefits of costly treatments for pennies a day right in the privacy of your home without costly medical care!


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