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How To Apply Your Makeup with professional touch

How To Apply Your Makeup

STEP 1: FOUNDATION: After Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing your face apply a small amount of foundation to the tip of your index finger, dot on forehead, nose, cheeks and chin then blend in an upward and outward motion without leaving a line. Be sure to apply foundation over your eyelids and blend without leaving a line. Glance in the mirror to ensure there’s no line. You can use a concealer to cover imperfections such as blemishes and dark spots. You can use our NATU-CLEAR to remove dark spots, even skin tone and skin discoloration.

STEP 2: TRANSLUCENT POWDER: Using a Powder Brush apply Translucent Powder in a downward motion for a smooth finish. Translucent Powder helps eye makeup and blush to go on smoother and blend better. It also keeps your face looking fresh and your Makeup will last longer.

STEP 3 EYE MAKEUP: Starting at your lash line, apply your Base Color first, then apply your crease color in the crease area. Apply your Highlight Color in the highlight color area, below the brow bone. Finally, blend the colors with a cotton ball or your fingertip to remove any obvious line. If the colors are too bright tone them down with a little Translucent Powder then apply your Mascara, and dust your entire face downward with Translucent Powder.

STEP 4 BLUSH: Your Blush should go on the apples of your cheeks to radiate when you smile. It should go no closer to your nose, but directly beneath the iris of your eye; below nostril-level and into your temple hairline. A good Blush Brush that’s tapered for precise placement, is a must.

STEP 5 LIPSTICKS: Define the outline of your lips with a professional lip brush or lip liner pencil that closely matches the color of your lipstick. Then apply your lipstick and blend the liner with a lip brush. Start from the center working outwards.

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Causes of Age Spots

We have all seen them. Those unsightly little flat spot that is gray, brown or even black.  They appear as if by magic seemingly overnight.  They are on our face, our hands or even our shoulders and arms.  What we do not always know is what they are, how they got there or if there is something we can do about them.


Age spots are almost universally caused by exposure to the sun.  Because the sun stimulates melanin production, high concentrations of melanin can stick together and therefore form an age spot. Unlike what you think, this definitely does not happen overnight; instead it happens over a period of time.  Use of tanning beds and even tanning lamps can also cause age spots and for some, genetics are to blame.

Age Spot Treatments

There are a number of options when you are worried about age spots.  Most people have them treated not because they require it but instead because of cosmetic reasons. Some treatment options include freezing, dermabrasion, chemical peels and medications. Each has their own drawbacks, side affects, and most are costly.

Most Effective Treatment

One of the easiest ways to treat age spots is with laser therapy.  The reason is that it is not invasive, and it destroys melanin without chemical interference.  Fortunately, instead of doing these expensive treatments at home, you can purchase a home unit that will allow you to treat them yourself for a fraction of the cost.

The at home laser therapy units are portable, cost effective and ready to use whenever you need them.  No longer will you have to deal with scheduling time for doctor’s visits or taking time off work because your skin is red and raw from a chemical peel.

When used properly, at home laser therapy units are safe, cost effective and can help minimize the signs of age spots on your face, hands and arms.  You owe it to yourself to find out more.

What is Collagen?

What is Collagen?

Your muscles, skin, organs and teeth – all of them depend on collagen to stay connected and supportive. More than 25 varieties of collagen are produced naturally in our systems. Without collagen, our bodies simply would not stay together!

How does Collagen Work?

Consider a jigsaw puzzle and how all of the pieces fit neatly together. Collagen works with the elastin in your body to give our muscles and tendons a stronger foundation. Without collagen, you might have a hard time walking, running and even bending to sit down.

Collagen and your skin

One way that collagen has an impact on us is to help keep our skin resilient. As we age, like other hormones in our body, we do not quite produce as much collagen as we need. This results in fine lines, deep wrinkles and other skin flaws that are associated with aging.

Fortunately, home photo facial machines can help stimulate your body to tap into those hidden collagen reserves that can provide the added benefit of fighting the usual signs of aging that affect our skin.

Collagen and your joints

Another problem with loss of collagen is developing arthritis. In some people, collagen levels drop so low that not only does arthritis cause discomfort and pain but it may also cause our joints to become disfigured.

Fighting Back

Fortunately, there are ways to fight not only the signs of aging on your skin, but the early signs of arthritis as well. A home photo facial machine, when used according to the manufacturers’ instructions may help stimulate collagen reserves in our bodies.

When used on the face, a photo facial machine can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, help with minor discolorations of the skin and even help eliminate those fine lines that we all develop. An added benefit of a photo facial machine is that if used properly it can also help ease minor discomfort from arthritis.

Photo facial machines are not only safe, but they are very easy to use. These cost effective systems can not only provide you with a more youthful appearing complexion but also relieve some of the minor pains that are commonly associated with arthritis. All of this is done by stimulating the naturally occurring collagen in your own body.

Hormones and your dry skin

Aging is not any fun and just when you thought it could not get any worse, you have noticed that your skin is suffering terribly! It is looking dryer by the day and to top it off, you now have these tiny lines that are all over the place. To make matters worse, you now have these slight discolorations to deal with.

If you are one of the millions of women who are not only dealing with this, but you are also suffering from dry and itching skin then a photo facial machine might be the answer you are looking for. That discomfort you feel from your dry as sandpaper facial hair could be helped by regular facial treatments. Since we are all concerned about cost, one of the great things about the home systems is that the average unit costs only about the same as two visits to a doctor for the same level of care!

Just think – with a home photo facial machine you get to treat yourself to a soothing and relaxing facial that helps you nurture your body’s natural collagen reserves. This helps your skin stay soft and moisturized looking and therefore it looks more firm and more youthful. Just think of all of the time you will save not slathering creams and lotions all over your face morning, noon and night just to keep a youthful appearance!

Another great benefit of a home photo facial system is that it can even help minimize age spots, spider veins and more by lightening them up! So, maybe we cannot help you with the hot flashes but we can certainly help you with a more beautiful and healthier looking complexion!

Skin Care

Most of us are concerned with the quality of the products we use on our skin. Today, more and more skin care products have compounds and chemicals in them that we cannot even pronounce let alone figure out what they do. For many, the answer is very simple. Investing in a home photo facial system.

Home photo facial systems are simple to use and when they are used in accordance with the manufacturers directions not only are they effective, but they are as safe to use as soap. The best part of a home photo facial system is you never have to worry that your skin care treatment is loaded with chemicals that you have no idea how they will leave your skin feeling (or looking).

Home photo facial systems are specifically designed to help your skin look firmer and to help eradicate those fine lines that we all get from simply living. In addition, low levels of light can even help fade minor discolorations from sun, rosacea and freckles.

The best think about home photo facial systems is you do not have to have any special training to use them; you simply need to follow the plainly written directions that accompany every one of them!


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